In a blend of real-life heroism and original filmmaking, Act of Valor stars actual active duty navy SEALs in this story of anti-terrorism.  Based on a true story, this film has it all from combat sequences to modern battlefield technology.  Act of Valor takes you deep into the secret world of the highest trained group of warriors in the world.  When the rescue of a kidnapped and tortured CIA operative leads to the discovery of a terrorist plot against America, a SEAL team is sent on a worldwide manhunt for the terrorist.  As the SEALs race to stop another attack that could hurt American civilians, the men must learn to balance their commitment to country, team, and their families back home.

Act of Valor is probably the first major motion picture to star active duty SEALs and to truly show you what happens when they execute a mission.  Using up to the minute battlefield technology, the mission sequences are very impressive.  It is amazing to watch the sequences unfold and to see the level of ability of America’s Navy SEALs.  This is definitely an action movie that any action fan is going to love.  This film is not like other Hollywood films, these are not all professional actors but real life Navy SEALs. There are not Oscar nominated performances in this picture, but it is still a solid film that anyone who wants to see what really happens when the men and the women of the military go to work for their country.

Not all about the military, the movie also shows how the families of Navy SEALs handle the type of work that their husbands do.  This may not have all the bells and whistles of a blockbuster movie, but this film’s glimpse of reality is special.  Anyone interested in going into the Navy especially should watch this movie to see how it is really done. This movie must also be used as a recruiting tool.  Act of Valor is a true testament to the work that the men and women of America’s military and all that they do to keep us safe.  Perfect for a Saturday night rental, Act of Valor is a good movie that brings the world of the Navy SEAL into the homes of American civilians.