A comedy lover’s next best Utopia, a farce that will keep you laughing on your belly every time Aziz Ansari comes on screen and every moment Nick Swardson brings on his bad boy character Travis to life. 30: MINUTES OR LESS is a wondrous stress buster for any time of day.  A lunch time movie, a weekend movie or if you’re bored a movie that would still crack your sides up even for the 2nd 3rd or the 4th time.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombie land), 30: MINUTES OR LESS is a comedy involving 2 sets of friends, the first being a duo with normal jobs. A stand in sub at the local high school aka Chet (Aziz Ansari) and his own high school friend and pizza delivery boy Nick (Jesse Eisenberg). The next duo up is comedy heavyweight Nick Swardson who plays an unbelievably funny Travis and rich boy Dwayne played by Danny McBride. Chet and Nick who are flat mates get into a heated argument and falls apart. Dwayne is tired of being pushed around by his ex-marine father (Fred Ward). Dwayne conjures up a plan on killing his father and inheriting all his money. To kill his father he needs to hire an assassin and for this purpose Dwayne and Travis need to come up with some money first on their own and they decide to rob a bank. So Dwayne and Travis decide to rob a bank to pay an assassin to kill his father in order to inherit all this wealth. A plot in a comedy cannot thicken more than this. This alone is complicated enough to get everyone entangled in this yarn.

PARKS AND RECREATION star Aziz Ansari is at his best. It is unanimous that this man is the show stealer. I cannot emphasize enough on how badly your sides will hurt watching Ansari in motion with Jesse Eisenberg. There are timeS when you sit back to savor a comedy and you say to yourself that this cast was made for this movie? This is one of those movies. Just like the wolf pack that nailed the genre of comedy on an entirely new level with HANGOVER, Ansari, Eisenberg, Swardson and McBride are like 4 circus clowns in an arena. Everything that they do is about laughter. It’s been a while since HORRIBLE BOSSES and although this movie was released a good 8 months ago, it is the only comedy that does actually standup on par with HB from 2011. Swardson indeed proves himself as an expert in the genre. The man is an absolute genius. Although the movies JUST GO WITH IT and JACK & JILL failed to impress, Nick Swardson has always been a show stealer. There is nothing different with him this time round as well.

Massive credit needs to be paid to the men behind the camera as much as the awesome talent in front of the camera. Director Ruben Fleischer for his arrogant approach of keeping the pace in the script is one factor that propels the movie forward at all times. 30: MINUTES OR LESS is the perfect directors cut. Aptly edited to keep the momentum and the laughter at all times without a dull moment. Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan seem to have struck gold with their debut script. It is not easy to hit the first script out of the ball park. In fact it would not be wrong to have a learning curve with the first script and to ensure the 2nd time a job is better done. However Diliberti and Sullivan deserve a nod from all of us viewers for a brilliant script! Thank You

If you have not watched 30: MINUTES OR LESS and you are considering on never watching this movie, I would say without a doubt, it’s your loss.





RATING: 07/10