In 20th Century Fox’s newest release on DVD, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, come together for a new comedy that will tickle the funny bone.  This Means War tells the story of Tuck and FDR, two CIA operatives who wage an all out war when they discover that they are dating the same girl.  After joining an online dating service, single father Tuck thinks that he has found the woman of his dreams in Lauren Scott.  Little does he know that his partner in the CIA, FDR meets her minutes after meeting Tuck.  Both men decide to continue seeing Lauren and let her pick the best man for her.  After laying down a few game rules, the contest is off and running as FDR and Tuck fight for Lauren’s affections.  In the mean time an international arms dealer is hunting down Tuck and FDR after killing one of his men in an earlier covert operation.  Who will Lauren pick and will they escape the clutches of the bad guy without getting hurt?

This Means War is a cute comedy that the girls will enjoy. That is probably the best word to describe the entire movie: cute.  It is not overly hilarious and I did not burst into laughter at any point.  Some of the funniest moments in this movie happen while the two men have each other under observation during their dates.  No man can make move with out the other making the perfect counter-move like in a chess game.  At the beginning I thought that the movie looked like a giant music video and come to find out at the end that it is directed by acclaimed music video director and now movie director McG.  The story line is a little bit distracting as all the hi-jinks are going on to win Lauren’s heart, there still is this looming cloud of wondering what is going to happen with the bad guy.

The acting in this movie can also be described as cute.  No one really stands out in this picture.  Chris Paine and Tom Hardy are good looking suitors trying their best to win the girl and Reese Witherspoon is a good looking gal trying her best to juggle two men at the same time with out looking like a slut.  This Means War is a good chick-flick with some action, but not enough to hold a guy’s interest. It’s a perfect choice for a video rental one Friday or Saturday, check out This Means War in all of its “cuteness”.