To paraphrase the rhyme, it’s ‘One For The Money’, two for the show

Three to get ready and this film is just a little bit better than so-so

Katherine Heigl stars as Stephanie Plum in the film’s lead role

She’s broke, jobless and doing anything for money is her only goal

The one job she can find is as a bounty hunter tracking down a rogue cop

She’s a novice and doesn’t know all the tricks but that won’t make her stop

There’s some history between her and the cop that adds some sexual tension

It turns into a pretty routine crime solving type of story, I hate to mention

She helps solve the crime and meets some colorful characters along the way

There’s quick, quip-y banter that makes up a lot of the dialogue the actors say

In supporting roles are Jason O’Mara and Daniel Sunjata playing the main men

The story is from best-selling author Janet Evanovich and the novel she did pen

It’s mildly entertaining, and, if you don’t expect too much, it’s worth giving a look

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s strong enough to film another Evanovich book