CHROME (2011) is a film that I am directing that is about a spaceship with 6 members in a crew (along with a robot), who are venturing to the newly found planet TX119 (codenamed Pomona) through a recently found rift in space that allows inter-stellar travel. In this movie, I have some original songs composed by myself, and all of these on this list are composed and made by different, more popular artists. I have the soundtrack listing here, I am working on production still, so it may be available some time in October of 2011 (since the film is coming out November 11, 2011 (this is, of course, a working date and may be subject to change)). So with this introduction into the film over, I now present the CHROME Motion Picture Soundtrack Tracklist.


1. When Everything Dies / Halo of Flies (Opening Theme) – God is an Astronaut
2. Forever Lost – God is an Astronaut
3. Rememberance Day (Main Theme) – God is an Astronaut
4. First Day of Sun (Main Theme #2) – God is an Astronaut
5. Ascend to Oblivion – God is an Astronaut
6. At Peace – Edward Shearmur
7. Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor) – John Murphy
8. Heron Blue – Sun Kill Moon
9. Shores of Orion – God is an Astronaut
10. Loss (Climax to the Film) – God is an Astronaut
11. Remaining Light (Last Hope Montage) – God is an Astronaut
12. Radau – God is an Astronaut
13. Lateral Noise – God is an Astronaut
14. Post Mortem (Ending Theme #2) – God is an Astronaut
15. Echoes (Ending Theme) – God is an Astronaut
16. New Years End – God is an Astronaut
17. Darkfall – God is an Astronaut
18. No Return (Very End) – God is an Astronaut
19. End Titles (Credits Music) – Edward Shearmur

I hope to have updates on this film along the way, but right now, we have music down and are beginning to film, along with extensive development of design and script, special effects work, and, of course, costume design (and what-have-you). Listen to these songs anywhere (Grooveshark, YouTube) and you will surely be impressed. Thanks for reading, and I hope to get a trailer up sometime soon!