In an attempt to stretch too far Daryn Tufts almost capsizes his debut full length directorial. A script that is written on a basic platform Tufts explores his minds creativity by adding in a twist that which certainly is clever. My Girlfriends Boyfriend isn’t the obvious tale of a girl torn between 2 men as the trailer implies, instead it’s a movie with massive potential which Tufts fails to discover. Primarily due to the reason the main line theme of a writer seeking for inspiration is overcast by the prominence given to the budding sideline theme of love. My Girlfriends Boyfriend hence falls amongst the vast numbers of Rom-Com movies and disappears without making a noteworthy mark.

Ethan who is played by Christopher Gorham is a writer who has failed on many attempts to have his work published. Ethan’s work seems to lack the creativity that publishers seek and is cast aside as too generic. The flare of the protagonist isn’t exactly written in the flamboyant manner that publishers seem as commercially valuable. Ethan who is seeking inspiration meets Jesse who is very poorly played by Alyssa Milano. Jesse who is single and is divorced as predicted is this long lost inspiration Ethan needs. The exchanging of phone numbers seals the deal for the first date. Tufts first flaw is at this point when Troy walks in and meets Jesse, the core theme gets sidelined and a love triangle is given prominence. Troy who is played by Michael Landes is a successful advertising executive who comes through as too good to be true. It’s obvious that Tufts makes this choice of sidelining the main theme deliberately so that the twist in the end would dazzle the average viewer. In this case for me he fails to bring the movie back in completely thus wasting his own efforts on a good script. Think of it like this. It’s like being on a date. While you drive for dinner on the freeway, you take a detour through a scenic countryside to impress the other and end up getting lost!

Christopher Gorham and Micheal Landes stand well ahead in terms of performance with comparison to Alyssa Milano. Gorham could not have done a better job with a convincing Ethan. The underdog which is Ethan is what pull the movie through to the finish line even with low ratings. It’s surprising to see how Milano plays Jesse. If it’s done with intent or if it’s done under specific directions of Tufts is what makes it even more difficult to watch. Alyssa Milano this time is written off as quite difficult to tolerate watching.

Title: My Girlfriends Boyfriend

Directed by: Daryn Tufts

Starring: Alyssa Milano, Micheal Landes and Christopher Gorham

Rated: PG

Rating: 05/10

84 Minutes