Jack and Jill Sadelstien are twins with very different lifestyles. While Jack is a wealthy commercial advertising director who runs his own company and has beautiful family with a gorgeous wife (Katie Holmes) Jill is a small town girl who grew up and lived with her mother all her life. Jill has not had any luck in her love life and is in some sorts quite clingy and needy and has very peculiar behavior patterns. Jacks largest client Dunkin Donuts is on the verge of a branding revamp and demands that Jack secure Al Pacino for the upcoming advertising campaign or they will cease all business with Jacks Company.  Academy award winner Al Pacino does not do commercials! Meanwhile Jill visits Jack for the holidays and as usual is welcomed by the whole family except her own brother who find her disturbingly annoying. The story quite boringly rolls through until Jill happens to meet Al Pacino at a Lakers game and he falls in love with Jill head over heels. 

Adam Sandler is a talented Hollywood celebrity who isn’t afraid of taking risk with his movies. Maybe that is because it is said that irrespective of the success rate of the movie he is guaranteed a 20 million dollar paycheck for his appearance in a lead role. How true that is I do not know. Even for Sandler JACK & JILL is an all-time new low. Being married to Hollywood’s main man Tom Cruise did not save Katie Holmes from this disaster. The script was horrible and what’s worse Katie’s acting is equally on par. Long gone are the days of her cute smile wins the hearts of viewers like in DAWSONS CREEK. I am still a huge fan and I adore her work, but this is one of the hardest movies I have sat through this summer. The after taste of how bad it is still lingers at its memory. 

The only saving grace for JACK & JILL are the Nick Swardson appearances, he isn’t all that great, but clearly if there is even one chuckle in the movie, it comes from him. It’s surprising how Sandler didn’t write one good line for him since the screen play is done by himself. The character of Jill can be assumed to have been the big comedy Dennis Dugan focused on. The joke ironically is on director Dugan himself. Sandler’s portrayal of Jill is nothing but annoying, it isn’t acting but more of shouting. In an attempt to differentiate the male from the female, Sandler stretches his voice a bit too much. Now I agree that there is a thin line between love and hate, JACK & JILL crosses that line! I simply loathe myself for wasting my time on even writing this down. Someone needs to warn you folks. 

This being said, JACK & JILL won 10 awards overall for this production. Surprising? Not at all!!!!!! For those of you who are not familiar of the Golden Raspberry Awards, it is ceremony held to honor the worst movies of the year. JACK & JILL along with the cast set a record breaking high of securing 10 awards early this April. 

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 





RATING: 02/10