A man dealing with tragedy must pull himself together in order to take care of two young boys.  This tale, inspired by a true story, is based on a memoir by Simon Carr.

The Boys Are Back stars Clive Owen as a father who must find a way to take care of his son after the sudden passing of his wife.  Joe (Owen) is a sports writer, who prior to his wife’s death, traveled much of the time.  He isn’t prepared to deal with life as a single parent.  Just when he thinks he’s gotten things to run more smoothly, he is surprised by a visit from his other son from a previous marriage.

While still trying to get a hold on his grief, Joe stumbles and falls as he tries to learns what it takes to care for young children.  His mother-in-law (Julia Blake) doesn’t believe that he has what it takes to properly care for her grandson.  As he attempts to prove that he is well suited to be a father, he is faced with a dilemma that may take both kids away forever.

Owen gave a beautiful, multi-layered performance in this film.  His portrayal of a man desperate to find his bearings in life was well-played.  The young children, Artie and Harry (Nicholas McAnulty, George MacKay), are quite talented for unknown actors.  McAnulty is very believable as the heartbroken son, who only wants to be reunited with his mother.  MacKay gave a very grown-up performance as well.

This film had a nice score that added depth to the story and even brought me to tears a few times.  Set in Australia, the backdrop for this film was quite plain.  However, this added to the emotion of the story.  Not to give anything away, I will say that I was happy to see that this movie didn’t take the turn I thought it was going to at the end and ended just as it should have.  This film tells a sad and inspirational story of a family coming together in spite of the misfortunes that surround them.