Animation is a very important aspect in film, from the ability to create life-like people from scratch, or to make a childs movie so special that adults get in on the fun, as well. Disney/Pixar have made most of and the best of these kinds of films, the ones that stick with us forever, and inspire us to dream big. The top five best animated films are as follows:

5. Metropolis – The film by Osamu Tezuka is very well crafted, and involves one of the best plots and animated visions ever.

4. Monster’s, Inc. – How creative is Disney/Pixar? Look into this movie and you’ll find a film that centers around a town of monsters that rely on children’s screams for energy, and the people getting the screams out of the children are like factory workers. Brilliant idea.

3. TIE Iron Giant, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within – All of these titles are fantastic, and are must-sees for movie fans.

2. Toy Story – No reason besides the fact that it was fantastic.

1. Up – This children’s movie that adults can connect to, as well, is a brilliant triumph in film, and should be watched by everyone who wants to see a great funny and sad film all combined into one.