‘Roadie’ is a drama starring Ron Eldard playing a roadie for Blue Oyster Cult

He’s been on the road with the rock group for as long as he’s been an adult


An unexpected event occurs and his childhood home is where he decides to head

His mom kept his room as it was with his posters, his record albums and his bed


He makes himself sound better and more important by telling her some lies

Out and about in the old neighborhood he runs into a classmate that he did despise


He also sees one of his old girlfriends who he discovers is married to this guy

They spend some time catching up but why she’s married to him he wonders why


They all spend a night together partying pretty heavily and things get out of control

This seems to be a wake-up call for him to change his life and get a new goal


Jill Hennessy and Bobby Cannavale are good playing the guy and girl from his past

Lois Smith plays his mom rounding out this pretty well known supporting cast


It has that low budget indie feel but there are good performances turned in by all

It’s worth a look but watching this serious, dramatic film, I guess, will be your call