Well let me tell you, Ti West is a new god for me in the horror realm. I cant bitch more about how long I have been waiting for a decent horror film to come out and its been around six years of bitching but The House of the Devil was finally released.I went into this movie with a closed mind. I randomly bought it at a Best Buy because I had seen some info on it on upcominghorrormovies.com and thought what the hell I get it for a discount. So I bought it and popped it in before for I went to bed. Well to my suprise that was the last thing I wanted to do. I had nightmares for three nights after that. Not as bad as films like from the past have done but I mean I the times we are in now when your more afraid of the news then the horror you watch as lesure, it was a pretty big deal. I was jumping, I was biting my nails, I was pulling my hair out. The film is not slow as many believe , it actually just invokes the true nature of all that is horrifying. The film opens and closes as a typically 1980’s horror film. In fact the film’s production team paid such attention to detail in the framing, costumes, dialogue, and more that I went online the next day to make sure I didn’t just buy a film that was made in the 1980’s. I wont give anything away for this film because its truly something you have to see to understand.This film bring back horror and will make you think twice before working for a stranger…….thats all you get until you see this film itself.Not much but just enough!John Tinsley