Since I am a fan of all styles of film, I think that the idea of a movie fight is one that is overlooked and very powerful. Many directors: George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Zak Snyder, hell, even Ben Affleck have made action scenes that are very well done in a visual and realistic sense. Here is my list of the best movie fights in the history of film.

5. Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi – The Final Battle
>This is the best battle from the later Star Wars films mainly because Luke wins and everyone is okay. It was well done, and there was even an emotional effect involved.

4. Watchmen – The Comedian’s Death
>This is up here because right out of the gate in this movie, a massive, super-awesome fight between two superheros takes place… in The Comedian’s apartment. The moves were awesome, and the choreography was excellent.

3. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace – Darth Maul
>Though the movie blew more chunks than a drunk teenager, the lightsaber fight at the end redefined the amount of awesomeness possible with a sword fight, or generally a straight-up sci-fi battle.

2. Happy Gilmore – The Price is Wrong
>Bob Barker likes to neuter dogs and beat the hell out of Adam Sandler at a golf opening. Well… who wouldn’t want to do the later? Bob Barker just dominated Happy, though, and we thank him for it, because it reminded me that a ninety year old man can still pack a punch.

1. Eastern Promises – The Bath House
>Every time I watch the movie, I wait for this scene to happen, and then watch in amazement at the action and gore and great choreography. This is truly the most epic brawl in history.