Title: The Hamburg Cell

Year: 2005

Run Time: 101 min

Genre: Drama

Cast: Karim Saleh, Maral Kamel, Agni Scott, Omar Berdouni, Adnan Maral, Kamel Boutros, Tamed Doghem, Khalid Laith

Director: Antonia Bird

Plot: It’s amazing how much impact that a simple three digit number can have on the lives of anyone who reads it…9/11. 9/11 will forever be a number that represents the greatest tragedy, resulting from a terrorist attack, on U.S. soil. It’s easy to put all of the blame on the 19 hijackers and their commanding superiors who participated in the despicable acts that unfolded on that fateful day… but things may not be exactly as they may seem.

“The Hamburg Cell” is an eye opening and bone-chilling movie that dives deep into the dark depths of the true story of what led up to and what actually may be the underlying causes of what allowed the horrific tragedy of 9/11 to occur. The movie focuses in on the lives of two of the 19 terrorists, “Ziad Jarrah”(Karim Saleh) and “Mohamed Atta” (Maral Kamel) who are recruited by the the radical Muslim “Ramzi bin al Shibh” (Omar Berdouni) who give up their lives in order to become martyrs for their murderous cause. The movie brilliantly shows how the influence of a few twisted and evil men can transform even the simplest of man into a monster. As an added dimension, based on pain staking research, the film includes personal interviews, unpublished communication and correspondence, and the official 9/11 Commission Report, giving the viewer a whole new perspective of the events that lead up to the fateful day of 9/11. A group of men rallied around each other in order to deal a deadly strike to the security and well being of the American people. But make no mistake, these 19 men are not the only ones responsible for thrusting their blood curling blow upon the citizens of the United States.  “The Hamburg Cell” will provide you with disheartening information that the terrorists, originating from the Middle East, are not the only enemies that we have to worry about.

Antonia Bird has provided us with a masterpiece of documentary and drama on film. It’s so easy for us as individuals to experience tunnel vision by only focusing in on the actual events taking place on the day of 9/11. But through the brilliance of Antonia Bird, she successfully removes our blinders by offering us a perspective of 9/11 we have never seen or even conceived of before. She dives into the minds and lives of the actual terrorists from their humble beginnings to their horrific metamorphosis into the monsters that we all perceive them to be. Not only that, she guides us into an even darker side of what may be the underlying causes of 9/11 by providing numerous facts throughout the movie that implicates the wrong doings of people whom we considered trustworthy. She does this in a way that forces us as individuals to re-evaluate our own perceptions and opinions of what exactly allowed the events of 9/11 to become a reality.

The angle taken on the storyline of “The Hamburg Cell” is what I perceive to be the backbone and brilliance of this movie. I have viewed many documentaries and movies that have shown the horrific images and events of 9/11 from the perception of the innocent people affected by the terrorists. But I had never seen a movie that depicts the true events of 9/11 through the eyes of the actual terrorists themselves and the underlying causes that helped make 9/11 possible for them. Because of this never before seen angle, my feelings will forever be changed about how I think the day called 9/11 came to be. Whether it be the powerful scene when the group of terrorists give up their normal everyday lives and give allegiance to a false prophetic leader, or when I read the actual words on the screen that let me know that we had plenty of chances to stop this, my views about this day will never be the same.

The Obvious: This is a movie about the events leading up to the day of 9/11 as depicted through the eyes of the terrorists.

The Not So Obvious: When viewing this movie you must watch it with a completely opened mind or else you will miss the true message of what this film is trying to offer. That message is that “do you really believe that the terrorists are the only ones to blame for 9/11?” Think about it!

The Final Cut: Antonia Bird has delivered a chilling masterpiece that allows us to look at a totally different perspective about the events occurring on 9/11. With superb directing and writing, as well as being supported by an excellent cast of actors, “The Hamburg Cell” will go down in history as being the story that finally reveled the truth behind the 9/11 attacks. But I warn anyone that thinks they may actual view this movie. This movie is not for the faint of heart and especially not for closed minded individuals. This is a movie that needs to be looked at in a way that most people may not be accustomed to. So just open up your mind and let the realization of the story being told take over and I guarantee you will not be disappointed at the 101 minutes that you are going to endure.