From the creators of the Matrix Trilogy Comes V for Vendetta. V for Vendetta stars: Natalie Portman(Evey), Hugo Weaving(V), Stephen Rea(Inspector Finch), and John Hurt(Adam Sutler). Set in future England this action, drama will blow your socks off.

Adam Sutler ,now the leader of England, won the V is trying to change England for the better. Evey gets caught up with V and is wanted for helping a Terrorist. The Detective is trying to stop V.

Evey is a working class girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time. She meets V after he saves her from being raped by the Finger Men a.k.a. the police but not police. She then accompanies V as he blows up theĀ Old Bailey.

Inspector Finch must deal with issues of right or wrong. He has to try and stop V he is a cop, but he realizes what Adam Sutler has done. So he beings to deal with personal feelings and issues over everything.

I think this is a great movie. The acting in this movie is some of the best I have seen in years. The movie is not drowned down with action scenes like in most action movies. There is a believable story line about what can happen when the government has to much control. If you have not seen it, go see it. It is a good movie.