I don’t really remember where I first saw a preview for this movie but it definitely sparked my interest so I gave it a shot. Let me start off by saying this movie has a kind of old school cheesy crime thriller feel to it and with Thomas Jane and Ving Rhames leading the cast I figured I couldn’t go wrong. This was  a little Dick Tracyish without the strange looking villains. The first ten minutes of this movie are insane. A very brutal bloody shootout complete with slow motion but in a catchy way, and a particular scene with bloody footprints on a see through floor. Little artsy things that spark your interest. Again the first ten minutes are awesome. That’s where my problem comes in. The rest of the movie which isn’t by any means bad will have you simply waiting for the next fantastic bullet and blood ridden scene of mayhem  that never happens.  This movie was a good movie regardless that you wanted more action.  It had comedy, a certain mystery to it and the characters were entertaining.  Other than the lack of action the only other complaint was the one villian who is referred to is the sadist is pretty bland and not really scary or menacing in any way. He is basically a cheap  rip off of the joker. I definitely suggest movie fans pick this up and check it out. If anything it is something a different than what your used to seeing, a little fresh air so to speak.