When I saw the preview for this movie, I thought the following: Either it was a great movie and the preview was upping the ante by making the movie look even more spectacular, or the film sucked, and the preview was just the best parts of the film fit together with awesome music to attract a crowd (such as what happened with Terminator Salvation). To my surprise, this movie ended up being horrible. I love Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, and Hugo Weaving, but this movie was not an error in acting, though it seemed to be so. I say this because the direction was crap from Joe Johnston, and the screenplay was atrocious. Its as if Joe Johnston told the person writing the screenplay “I want there to be a couple of scenes of bad dialog, and then about ten scenes of people getting the royal hell beat out of them by these gorilla-looking wolf-men. Benicio del Toro has never let me down in a movie, and neither have Hopkins or Weaving, and though all other elements failed, their acting ability was still shown with gusto. Though this is the case, the film still had bad Wolfman effects (though the gore was at a stellar level), and most of all, an awful ending.

Lawrence Talbot (Benicio del Toro), an actor who resides in New York, is in London for a show when he receives a message saying that his brother is missing in his home town, which is where his father (Anthony Hopkins) resides in a massive manor. Lawrence is trying to work to find his brother, and soon finds a beast in the town that is more horrible than any terror he could think of. When he tries to confront the beast, he is attacked by it, and survives with a bite mark in his shoulder. It only gets weird when his wound heals, and his arm is stronger than ever.

The best aspects of this film? The acting by Hugo Weaving, who honestly saved this film, along with the acting by Benicio, and his Americanized English accent (which I never would have thought he could do). The ungodly amounts of gore in this movie were also a plus. My favorite scene was one of the most violent in the whole movie.

Bottom Line: D+. This movie, in all honesty, sucked. The acting and awesome gore saved this movie from being a fail… oh wait, it was a fail… well, the acting was good. Period.