When I first saw an advertisement for this movie, I immediately thought that it would be a Stand By Me… Part Deux. I noticed that all of the actors in the film either became relatively famous over the past six years (Trevor Morgan, Ryan Kelley), and those who have gained a good bit o’ fame (Rory Culkin, Josh Peck), which Josh Peck’s came from this movie’s performance.

Directed by Jacob Aaron Estes (Summoning), who also wrote the script, Mean Creek is the powerful story of kids who are bound together in a community, some family, some not, who decide to play a prank on the local school bully for hitting one of the siblings (Rory Culkin). When that prank turns into a more evil thing than they could have imagined, the film, and the world of the people in it, turns upside-down.

The plot in this film is very well structured, and has a great set of characters and events, along with quite elegant acting and fierce, graphic conflicts. Though this is the case, to me the best thing about the movie is the soundtrack. With very touching and beautiful melodies that also happen to be dark and gloomy, given the situation, the soundtrack, or score, rather, is very well made.

Bottom Line: B. It delivers, but doesn’t show that it deserves that much respect. It’s not a cult classic, though it is like the Stand By Me of our age… so I ended up being right in a way.