“Halloween II” (2009)

I once had this dream that I was being pursued by unkillable Michael Myers, (albeit the pace was quite slow,still scary non the less). After being chased to near breathless, I escape back into my haven of safety…my bed! I close the door and lock it, to only have it smashed in by¬† the William Shatner mask wearing Myers. I awaken, heart rate jacked glad to realize it was only a dream. As I lay my head back down to the pillow, the door comes splintering apart reminicant of the original 1978 Halloween. The infamous dream in a dream, very funny Mr. Sandman!!

In so many ways Halloween II (2009) produces that same vision of true fear. The carnal product that is Michael Myers, how he should be portrayed and how I should feel when I see him.

Halloween is a direct reflection of development of the franchise. Zombie’s excessive violence is right on par. Michael Myers (Taylor Mane) is a deeply tormented supernatural force that cannot be stopped and any one that gets in his way….should do only one thing….move!

Zombie’s Halloween II (2009) achieves definitive success in more than one instance. 1) He truly understands the importance of showcasing Michael Myers strength….when he stabs you and lifts you off the ground with his knife( which has to be a custom made knife, no kitchen has a knife that big), I’d say he is pretty strong. A clothesline that inverts his victim in a rapid rate behind a dirty strip club sends him filling out an application for Vaudeville. 2) He keeps his killer on his home turf…the night! Zombie made this mistake in the 2007 reboot, bringing Michael out in the day does nothing but scream, not scary! 3) Recasting of Taylor Mane, at 6ft 8in Mane brings the bogeyman that is Michael Myers to new heights.

The darker more violent direction that this film undergoes, Zombie really makes his own, to finally breakaway from honoring the past and paving a new route into the future was great to see.

A few elements that I could have lived without were the return of his “The Devils Rejects” troupe. Typecasting is not an aspired ambition and should be avoided entirely in Pre-Production.

With a budget of 15million for each film, I would guess that a higher rate actress, at least one with better acting ability would have been cast for the Iconic role of Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton). She almost inconceivably develops into a plausible character, in either film.

Rob Zombie’s second installment of the Halloween Mythos was simply carried by violence, any sibling link with mother and brother was lost in the slashing. As a fan of the series I enjoyed it very much, simply because Michael Myers is a bad mofo. Any time you get to witness the shocking strength that is Michael Myers you are in for a real trick……or treat?