I have read some other people’s reviews on this movie and for the most part I agree with it’s lack of well, almost everything. I am also an avid gamer, not as much as I used to be but I still enjoy getting wrapped up in a fantasy world where I can forget about the day to day stresses. To someone like me who escapes using video games this movie was supposed to appeal to my tastes but left me very empty handed.  Some of the ideas were neat but overall the whole movie was executed poorly. I do have to say I really wanted the bad guy to get his because he played a good bad guy.   I saw the preview was really excited and the action was choppy and sporadic. There was blood and violence but not to the extent I expected. This is a definite renter if you like action movies but just keep in mind when it’s over you will return it and probably never think of it again.  Good idea, poor execution which  is the downfall of so many movies that “could” have been great movies.  So I don’t necessarily consider my review a bad one it’s a case of I expected and wanted more out of this but I don;t regret seeing it, so at least rent it.