Okay so my girlfriend wanted to go see New Moon when it came out and we never really got the chance so last night there was still one theatre playing it in our area and it was my day off so we gave it a try.  I am very open minded so I did see the first one and while it doesn’t hold a special place in my heart I thought it was an enjoyable film and it had a new variation on the traditional vampire scene.  I had a friend who was reading the book for the sequel and when he described certain scenes from the book I was imagining them on the big screen and they turned out to not be what I expected. I had higher expectations. This review is from a 25 year old male  so I could have done without the half naked ripped wolfboy throughout what seemed to be the entire movie. The pace was kind of slow but when stuff did happen it was fun to watch.  Seemed to lack in the action department and thats comparing it to the first one.  Acting was okay even though every main person seemed dull and depressed for the most part. The biggest highlight of the movie is the ending and without spoiling anything, if you enjoy these movies whether your a guy or girl the next movie is going, let me correct that, has the potential to be pretty awesome. Basically my review is this, if you liked the first one then see this one even if its only to stay in the loop for the next one. If you didn’t like the first one then don’t waste your time.