Runtime:95 mins

Gerard Butler stars in this futuristic action movie about a whole new gaming experience in the future, which lets users control actual humans through mind control. The new game called “Slayers” allows players to control death-row immates, in which if they survive all 30 rounds, they are let free. Kable (Gerard Butler) has made it the farthest without dying out of everyone, and now the prison is fixing the game for him to be killed. What will happen next?

First off let me say, I was sadly disappointed with this movie. I thought id give it a try and watch it, as I am a fan of gaming, specially shooters, which this movie is based on. It was not what i expected, I was bored through this movie, and dreaded continuing. Second, this movie doesn’t really make sense, all death row inmates have a choice to participate, and if they succeed, they are let free. Now who in there right mind would want to help an inmate that’s on death row for a good reason, walk free, because that’s pretty much what they are doing when they are playing as them trying to beat the game. Also, if all death row inmates are allowed to participate, there would be no one actually on death row, because they would all say hey, if I’m going to die anyways, i might as well try and get let free if i could die either way. Thus making the crime rate go up extremely, because people would commit crimes knowing they have a chance to be let free. Another reason this doesn’t make sense, WHY IS ALL OF THE WORLD CHEERING FOR AN IMMATE ABOUT TO BE LET FREE FOR KILLING SOMEONE? I know I wouldn’t be cheering for something like that. So the whole story line and concept of this movie is just plain stupid!

Now onto acting, this is not one of Gerard butlers better acting jobs, I personally thought he did terrible in this movie.Terry Crews on the other hand, he did an excellent job, he plays the perfect tough guy! He really looked like he was ready to kick some butt in this movie. Ludacris did not belong in this movie, they could of done better with someone else, as the reason for Ludacris being in this random movie unknown.

So lets just say that overall, I was disappointed with this movie, crap story line, crap acting, and very boring. Even for the gaming fans, and call of duty fans, this movie was boring.

Must see? Definitely not. No i would not consider watching it again, and no i do not recommend this movie.

i give it a 1/5 for effort.