” Whats your favorite scary movie. Helloooo Sidney.” When you hear those words you know “ghostface” has returned along with three other main surviors of the past three films Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott, David Arquette as Dewey Riley, and Courteney Cox as Gail Weathers-Riley also directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson, You will most likely get all kinds of scares and jumping in your seat moments with this film. This film is based from the past three screams and is set back where it all started Woodsboro and about 10 years have passed since sidney prescott and her fellow survivors have encoutered “Ghost Face”. While on tour of her new book her first stop is woodsboro and while she has returned to a town where soo much pain happend and where it all started for her. Sidney prescott is once again encoutered by Ghost Face!This 4th installment in the ever popular horror franchise. Is back again when sidney prescott ( Neve Campbell) Since nearly a decade has passed since her last encounter with ghost and returns back to woodsboro on her book tour of her self-help book of how she is  “reinventing” her-self. The same day she returns to start her new life and leave all of the pain and hurt she gone though  with the past decade. Two local teens are murderd the exact day sidney comes home. Forcing Dewey,Gail, Sidney aunt Kate and cousin jill in danger. Having to also try and solve these series of murders before any one esle in the town is subjected to Ghost face.

The acting in this movie was amazing the choices in the movie were just brillant alone with three very well liked and loved surviors Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, and a whole new pair of very well known and unknown  great actors like Anna Paquin (True Blood) Kristen Bell ( Gossip Girl) Emma Roberts ( Its Kind of a Funny Story) Hayden Panettiere ( Heroes) with unknown great actors like Marielle Jaffe,Nico Tortorella. When wes craven decided to bring back neve campbell and the orginal gang on the commentary of the movie she says its like going to summer camp. By which seeing David and Courteney and Wes and the crew. Then taking a chance and having brand new set actors and just throwing them in with the orginal cast, was an even better idea because the new cast is the same age the other cast was when they started to film the first scream or at least around the same group. By bringing Neve,David, and Courteney it gave the new actors some help on how to act at certain part and get some advice on how to react to a certain even. So i think Wes made an amazing move by bringing the old cast back.

The direction of this movie has gone was good it didn’t just up and start in the middle of no where without any back story or a random scene to leave you going HUH? In the movie when it shows Sidney( Neve Campbell) coming back to woodsboro it makes you happy to see such a great survivor and fighter that has gone through and hell back. Through out the whole movie you are slowly introduced back to Sherif Dewey Riley(  Arquette) and Gail Weathers-Riley( Cox) it makes you happy to see the orginal cast back to together again. How Wes went with the direction of how ghost face comes was brillant by having two local teens murderd the exact same day local survivor sideny prescott comes back and just rocks the ” boat” and gives you an immedite reaction to what sidney and what shes gonna do. Then having a whole new set of actors come on to a project very near and dear to the old cast and Wes heart, i think a scary move that turned great because. Every new cast member lead the whole movie to a direction that blended with the movie, Depending how you look at it based on the movie can be good cause it flowed very well  and bad by it seems like they just did a sequel/ remake of the first scream. How much of fan or just love of this movie can either make it or break it for how the direction the movie has gone and Wes lead the direction of it from beginning to end with a very well back story and cool new concept and a ” horror remake”.

My reaction to the film was i personally thought it was a very well made thought out movie, but my opinion on the whole movie was with out saying the ending it was a bit of a downer. Just because i think it was doesn’t mean the next 10 people well i think im torn because after seeing a couple times and really just watching it and really paying intention. So my very first reaction to this movie was it was good until the end just based on who the killer was it just kinda was like a downer, But now after seeing it a few more times i really like the ending and just needs to give it the chance to sink in and watch it a couple times and see how well the ending is kinda of unique and different. To this horror franchise, but I do think that this is a movie to see with out a doubt great actors,amazing story, great concept and just a really good and amazing scream movie.  Was just missing some missing developments to the ending and how or why they choose it,But i do with out a doubt think that others should see this movie if you like horror,suspense, surprises well shock really is a movie for you.