Director: Phil Traill
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper, Thomas Haden Church, and Ken Jeong.
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 99 minutes

It seems that Sandra bullock churns out romantic comedies as if they are coming off an assembly line. Her latest venture into the genre playing a very strange character and some little twists along the way. All About Steve tests Bullock in whether she can pull off an offbeat character.

Bullock plays Mary, a cruciverbalist (a crossword writer) and a person who talks almost nonstop about her vast knowledge of random facts. (Along with the red boots that she always wears, even when dressed up) This of course makes her socially awkward to other people , and gives Mary trouble in her love life. (She is even asked why she isn’t married during a speech to children in an elementary school) .She soon finds herself on a blind date set up with her parents. After only a brief time with the blind date with a man named Steve (played by Bradley Cooper), Mary becomes obsessed with him and seeks to see him whenever she can  as Steve travels as a camera man for a news crew. This leads Mary all over the country and into some strange situations.

Bullock’s portrayal of the character Mary’s off beat is successful in being strange but doesn’t appear as lovable as the film would like us to believe. In brief moments her blabbing to total strangers can be funny(such as thanking a truck driver who gave her ride for not raping and killing her since she says she is trusting a total stranger who could be a killer) , but it becomes unbelievable that they later bonded and are laughing by the time we see them parting. Later on in the film we see several people bond and stand up for Mary for pretty much unexplained reasons. We are also not given any real explanation of why Mary is the way she is as well.  Even her obsession with Steve seems to make no sense. That is to say All About Steve succeeds in giving us a slightly off beat characters but fails to give any reason why certain things happen to her.

The style of comedy shifts back and forth between romantic comedy and buddy road trip comedy. These moments of shifting occur usually when we Steve and his news crew traveling across the country to report stories. The only funny moments during these scenes are when Ken Jeong( who you might remember from The Hangover and Community) usually does his comedic work.  Notable when his character Angus Tran tells the others in the news crew to shut up.This shifting of different comedy doesn’t clash too much since even the romantic comedy moments are slightly off askew. But jokes themselves are only funny at rare moments. Giving us laughs that are too widely spread between bland and nonsensical humor.

To sum up All about Steve, it is a mildly entertaining but nothing really worth looking into. This film might be something you would somewhat enjoy if it came on TV, but no real rush to go to the video store and rent it.