The best part comes when a small little desperate girl of 14 years struggles to hire a marshal to bring a person dead or alive. The worst part comes when it goes on explaining background and lengthy arguments carelessly leaving the plot. Of course cinematography was one of the best seen reminding those classic west type. True Grit is directed by Ethan Coen and written by Joel Coen.  It is based on the novel by Charles Portis. It stars Jeff Bridges Matt Damon and a new comer Hailey Steinfeld. It is distributed by Paramount Pictures and Sky Dance. According to me It may not be engaging as wild wild west cowboy ones, but it has the theme that can set the guns up and keep us wait for the assault with wild horses.

True Grit says the story of Mattie Ross (Hailey Steinfeld) who is now looking for a marshal and after desperate search she finds Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) who can do the job for her. She pays some amount and does a great struggling trade in a comical fashion and finally appoints him. He has some trouble with Labeouf (Matt Damon) and they embark on a journey to find Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin) a man who has killed Mattie Ross’s father. During their journey some unusual conflicts occur in between them and they tear apart. How can Mattie make them realize and help them join her and finish off Chaney is to be watched? Opening with a strong narrative holds promise. With a runtime of 110 minutes I thought probably movie is all about 90 minutes and rest 20 minutes were just sheer torture listening to the lengthy court conversations and also some bitter experiences of life during horse rides. The night scenes are way too cheesy and now I start winding down with plot lost somewhere and conflicts that drags the plot. The plot development is not quite brilliant and slowly and slowly it has lost focus and finally we have a single sided assault that is not quite engaging enough. Cowboy lovers are surely for disappointment. Viewers who care for characters and performances are much interested. The first 40 minutes was all to be watched again and again as the young girl does a terrific job trading and hiring marshal to make herself happy. Her letter for her mother explains how well things are going on. But then what has happened.? Movie loses its pace and turns out be a chilly intolerable journey movie with few bullets, more finger cuts and lengthy back stories. The climax finally holds a promise to save the flick.

New comer Hailey Steinfeld plays the role of a young girl who has the grit to chase down her father’s killer by hiring a marshal. She trades very well and does promise a lot in her eye expressions and body language. She has some slight amount of fear in her eyes and does react well to emotional scenes. Jeff Bridges plays the role of Old Marshal Cogburn. He has some ironic voice and he is been described as the man with true grit. He essays the role easily and does hold a rough tone giving sort of weakness and as a drunkard he is the best in it. Matt Damon plays Labeouf another marshal or sort from Texas and helps little girl and makes Cogburn realize his problems. He carries the role easily by throwing the girl down and start beating her with small stick and does argue well in certain scenes. Unique performances from everyone and also a small cameo role by Josh Brolin, is quite good.

My word: True Grit moves with good narration and some exceptional on screen performances. On the flip side a slowly moving plot with some lengthy conversations and few bullet shots will disappoint cow boy fans. As a whole it does a neat job not becoming a box office winner but has its bits in neat proportions.  

                                                                                            Grade A     Score 3/4