Jessica simpson stars in this family comedy about a A-listing celebrity whose life turns upside down. She loses all her money, may lose her house, her boyfriend is gay, and the only family she has doesnt want to talk to her. Megan Valentine (Jessica simpson) decides to join the army after all this, hoping that it will make her life better, the army doesnt turn out to be anything she thinks it is. Everyone there hates her, it seems like she cant do anything right.

Like most of the movies i have reviewed on here, I had no clue what they were about, or have heard anyone talk about them, which helps me have an open mind about them. To my suprise, despite the name of the film and what its about, I actually enjoyed this movie. Although it didnt really have any humor to make me laugh in it, I really liked it. Jessica simpson plays the perfect role of a dumb blonde who is used to the pampered and princess life. Im not sure how she does it, wheather she is just being her or what, but she made her role seem fun. The actors of the ladies that enlisted in the army play the soft gone tough role really well. For a fun movie, overall acting was great , and i give the acting a 4/5.

This movie is fun for the whole family to watch, even for young kids (ignore some minor coarse language). This movie had a fun storyline to it, and nothing really felt dragged out. The directing was done well. Although there was alot of goof-ups in the movie. Any person who has enlisted or is enlisted in the army, can tell that some of the stuff in this movie was done wrong. But who cares because this is just a fun movie.

I recommend this movie for a family movie night, or if you just want a flick to watch. I give this movie 4/5.