Police, Adjective is the story of a police officer, Cristi (Drago Bucur), who is in charge of an investigation of a high school student that is suspected of selling drugs. The movie focuses on Cristi’s surveillance of the student and his two friends. At the end, Cristi must decide whether to pursue the case or follow his moral instinct.

Parts of this movie were almost unbearable. The long periods of silence throughout the film seemed unnecessary. I understand that the director was attempting to portray the tediousness of the investigation, but it was a little much to sit through.

The exchange between Cristi and his police captain near the end of the movie was very entertaining. The captain did an excellent job of portraying a pompous, arrogant boss, and lord knows we can all relate to that. I wish more there were more scenes like this in the movie.

I would recommend that you watch this movie at home, as I did. I’m not sure that I would have been able to sit through the whole movie if I watched it at the theatre.