Let me start off by saying until yesterday I have never even heard of this movie. I’m surprised because I was extremely happy with the end result. It is by far nothing really new as far as the storyline goes but it does deliver a kind of feel to it that does set it apart from your average ghost/horror movie that has come out in recent years. This movie also gets extra respect because I had never heard of it then I;m making the assumption it was straight to dvd and that puts it in a class of its own. The standout things were its creepy ghosts that actually looked good and creepy thanks to good quality CGI that was used. The other thing I noticed was how this group of friends acted around each other as far as the dialogue was concerned I was convinced these were real friends and sounded like the things we would say to one another. Production qaulity I give 5 stars for something not released in theatres with a monster budget and almost no marketing. However, there are some negatives to the movie. I dont think too many children will watch this but it does have some sex, drinking and violence/gore. Nothing crazy or over the top but I just want that out of the way. Now for the specific bad things, there is basically one scene in the movie that had me say to myself,” there is no way any girl in high school would do what she did in the specific situation I’m talking about and I think everyone will think the same thing. Other than that minor detail, if you like a good scary ghost movie I would advise checking this out, I dont think you will be disappointed.  As always I would like to have some feedback so I know I’m reaching people and helping out.