I am only looking forward to a couple movies this year, and can safely say that there are only going to be five to ten good movies this year. Here is my list of the top ten.

10. The Expendables – Reason: Stallone, Arnold, Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, and Dolph Lundgren are staring.

9. Cop-Out – Reason: It looks hilarious.

8. Clash of the Titans – Reason: Sam Worthington is a bad-ass, straight up.

7. Jonah Hex – Reason: Great plot, great casting.

6. RoboCop – Reason: Darren Aronofsky’s directing.

5. Alice in Wonderland – Reason: Burton and Depp.

4. The Rum Diary – Reason: Johnny Depp in another Hunter S. Thompson flick. Hell Yeah.

3. Arrested Development – Reason: It CAN’T disappoint.

2. Inception – Reason: The Nolan Brothers and Leo DiCaprio, along with a completely unknown plot.

1. Shutter Island – Reason: It was the best book I’ve ever read, DiCaprio and Ruffalo are staring, along with a supporting Kingsley, and a Scorsese direction.