Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis who is by far one of my favorite actors of all time) is a famous Italian director  who is weeks away from the start of production on his next film.  There is one small problem; he doesn’t seem to have a screenplay or an idea.

After running and hiding at remote resort/spa outside of Rome to think and spend time with his married mistress (Penelope Cruz), he is soon found by his persistent producer and crew.  Soon after his wife (portrayed brilliantly by (Marion Cotillard) follows.

This movie is really about all of Contini’s female relationships, current or past.  He keeps flashing back to them while in the middle of all that is going on in reality.  Each woman has their chance to express their feelings (or how Contini thinks they feel/felt) in song and performance and each have their own story…. 

I didn’t find that many of the performances truly amazing and actually found this movie slightly boring.  I loved Fergie’s number, which was definitely the highlight as she had the best voice out of all the cast.  Marion Cotillard, even though not a great singer was the only real character and her acting was superb!  You could actually see the emotions in her eyes during each song… however; the other performances were somewhat… forgettable!  Kate Hudson’s performance was meh… Penelope Cruz did do well however again it was…meh!  Judi Dench sang about a specific kind of costume as if in a French cabaret and Nicole Kidman can sing however I was still…  bored!   

Maybe it’s worth renting this film however it isn’t necessary to see on the big screen.  I did expect more out of Rob Marshall after Chicago however I guess if the story isn’t that great you don’t really have much to work from.