Halloween 2 picks write up where Rob Zombies Halloween 1 left off. Laurie(Scout Taylor-Compton) is all hysterical and bloody as they rush her to the hospital. Back at the house they get Micheal (Tyler Mane) loaded into the van to take him to the morgue. On the way to the morgue the van driver hits a cow and kills him instantly but the deputy riding with him is just injured and still alive. This is when Micheal returns to life and he picks up piece of glass and cuts off the deputies head.  

  Now Laurie is having a bad dream then we are fast forward 1 year later at her friend Annie’s(Danielle Harris) house. Laurie is living with her friend Annie and her father Sheriff Brackett(Brad Dourif). Laurie takes off to therapy after breakfast where she tells here therapist she knows Micheal is dead but therapist tells her they never found the body so i can see why you continue to have nightmares.

  Dr. Loomis(Malcolm McDowell)  holds a convention for his new book. As reporters ask questions he makes it plainly clear he thinks Micheal is dead even though there is no body. He says it will turn up sometime in a circus or something they always do but make no mistake Micheal is dead. Not everyone is excited about Dr. Loomis up coming book release.

  Now we see Micheal talking to his dead mother’s ghost. She tells him Halloween is coming you know what you got to do. As Halloween approaches Micheal starts to make his way towards Haddonville. Dr. Loomis meanwhile is doing interviews in front of the old Myers residence. Laurie continues to have nightmares and they only seem to be getting worse as halloween approaches.

  Halloween arrives and Dr. Loomis book is finally released but not to everyone’s pleasure. He lashes out at the police department for loosing Micheal’s body. But the most devastating part of Dr. Loomis book is he reveals Laurie was adopted and her true identity is Angel Myers the sister of Micheal Myers. Now Laurie and a group of her friends are heading to a Halloween costume party and the stage is set for Micheal’s return.

  This movie goes into the madness of Micheal Myers. I loved the original Halloween movies but Rob Zombie takes these 2 Halloween movies to a whole new level. There is a lot of gore and some brief nudity. For horror flicks one of the best i have scene in recent history i give it a C+