The Blind Side starts out showing how the famous Joe Theisman injury happens. Showing the importance of having a good left tackle in the NFL today. Then we are taken back two years ago where big Mike’s (Quinton Aaron) dad’s friend trying to get his son and big Mike into Wingate christian school. Where we find out Micheal Orr aka big Mike has been passed thru public schools without really learning just so they didn’t have to deal with him. Micheal sleeps on his friends dads couch cause he has no where else to go but he only stays there few days week so that he’s not to much of a burden.

  After a school play Lee Ann Tuohy(Sandra Bullock) and her family driving home when they see Micheal walking in the freezing rain. After stopping and talking to Micheal for a few minutes they find out he has no where to go so they take him to there house and let him stay the night. When Lee Ann gets up the next morning Mike is leaving but Lee Ann invites him to stay for Thanksgiving dinner. Where they all sat down at the table for Thanksgiving dinner.

  Lee Ann takes Micheal to get his clothes and Micheal finds out his mom has been kicked out and the door was padlocked with a eviction notice on the door. So Lee Ann takes Micheal to the local store to get some clothes as all Micheal has is extra pair of shorts in a plastic bag. Then Lee Ann ask Micheal if he would like to stay with the Tuohy’s and Micheal says yes so Lee Ann sets him up his own bedroom. When Micheal see’s this he explains to Lee Ann he has never had a bed before.

  At school teachers find out Micheal doesn’t understand the work. So they start giving him his test orally and Micheal improves his grades and starts understanding the work better. He’s grades improved enough that gets to try out for the football team in the spring. So the Tuohy’s family takes him out to dinner where Micheal runs into his brother that he hasn’t seen since he was taken from his drug addict mother when he was a kid. Lee Ann’s friends think that the Tuohy family taking Micheal in is big mistake with there daughter there and seeing how Micheal is a black man.

  Micheal’s first day of practice was a disaster to say the least. Shawn Jr aka S.J. (Jae Head) the youngest Tuohy starts helping Micheal get into football shape and understand how the playbook works so that it will help him make the team. Micheal didn’t make it on defense so they moved him to Left offensive tackle or also known as the quaterback’s blind side. Micheal struggled with this also until Lee Ann gives him a pep talk and Micheal starts to excel.

  As Micheal begins to excel on the field the division 1 schools come recruiting him. But Micheal has with his grades. So the Tuohy’s hire Micheal a tutor to help him improve his grades and be eligible for division 1 football. As the head coaches come for home visits little S.J. does all the talking for Micheal cause he wants to make sure wherever Micheal goes he will still be able to visit.

  This movie was touching to say the least. I usually am not big on movies that are based of true stories but this one was done correctly. I give this one a B+ I think there is area for improvement but all and all I will add this to my movie collection when it hits blu ray for sure.