The Messenger stars Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson. The movie focuses on Will (Foster) who has three months left in the Army. For the last three months of his enlistment, Will is assigned to work in the death notification unit under Tony (Harrelson) Tony is in charge of training Will in his new position. The story focuses on the emotional rollercoaster that the two officers endure as part of their job, as well as a complicated relationship Will develops with Kelly (Jena Malone), the wife of a fallen soldier.The movie is shot as somewhat of a documentary, with what appear to be handheld cameras in some parts of the movie. This effect works well and gives the movie a real life quality. The portrayal of the deceased officers’ families is also very believable and the emotions portrayed are raw and realistic.Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson are excellent as the leading and supporting cast roles. Foster plays a very likeable character, and you begin to feel sorry for him from the first scene of the movie, when he has sex with his is ex-girlfriend. Harrelson is not as likeable as Foster, but he portrays recovering alcoholic who has become a hardened officer that doesn’t have any friends or family. The bond they develop is understandable given the emotional nature of their job.I would definitely recommend this movie.It is emotional and heart wrenching and shows the ramifications of war from a new and fresh perspective. My Blog