Directed by Alex and David Pastor and starring Lou Taylor Pucci as Danny and Chris Pine as brother Brian, Carriers is a 90 minute train wreck of what my guess is supposed to be a thriller.The story is about four friends who are fleeing a growing pandemic that is threatening the human race. The main characters, Danny and Brian, are brothers, each one a polar opposite of the other. Danny is straight laced and feels it necessary to make rules for their journey, while Brian is rebellious and at times arrogant. The group is attempting to reach a deserted beach that will be untouched by this mysterious plague. The plot is relatively simple and the events are fairly predictable. They come across some people who already have the disease. Danny wants to help them, despite the fact that he made specific rules that said to not help diseased people. Meanwhile, his brother seems to be growing more irritated with the unfortunate people fighting for their lives. They come across a father whose little girl is sick, and they drive them to a hospital that has a supposed cure. However, when they get there, they discover that the doctor’s attempts at curing a large number of people were only temporary. The group of four leaves the father and daughter at the hospital. One of the four is infected while trying to help the little girl, but she decides not to tell the others. The infection is therefore spread to Brian, one of the brothers, and they are forced to leave him behind. The movie goes on like this for what seems to be a very, very long time.I will admit that while the story was very poorly executed and dragged, the acting was top notch. I was never let down by Pine’s performance or anyone else for that matter. For instance, after Pine’s character has revealed that he is infected, he becomes slightly paranoid that his brother will leave him, and therefore treats every situation like it is a desertion plan. I found the performances to be very convincing and well thought out by not only the actors but the directors as well. Unfortunately, I did not feel the same way about the plot or the way the movie played out. While it was a good attempt on the part of the directors, that’s all I can say it was. A mere attempt at making a thriller. A lot of parts of this film were very predictable, even down to the somewhat scary incidents. There is a scene when they find a car on the side of the road. They plan on siphoning out the gas for their own vehicle. One of them notices what appears to be a dead body in the driver’s seat. It is obvious that what is about to happen is the man is not really dead, just close to it. The man comes out of consciousness long enough to make the audience jump, and then passes out again. There are several other similar instances in the movie like this one.

 Overall, I was not impressed with this film. The acting was acceptable, but unfortunately, I don’t feel I can recommend that anyone should see this film. If you do feel the need to watch it however, I would say wait until it becomes a 99 cent rental at your local video store, that way you are not wasting your money. The time will still be wasted, but you will get your money’s worth.