Finally, a vampire movie I could sink my teeth into (sorry for the pun)!  Vampires that do what they are suppose to, like burst into flames when exposed to sunlight (not shine like diamonds as per sissy movies such as Twilight!), die when wooden cross bows are shot into them (exploding of course!) and turn into pitiful creatures when hungry!  The old vamp folklore is alive and well in ‘Daybreakers’ and I enjoyed the carnage!

The year is 2019 (not too far off really), and most are plagued with a Vampire ‘Outbreak’ (If you are watching the opening credits quite closely, you’ll notice a sign that says ‘One bat started it all’, so am guessing that is how the strain began as the movie never really explains).  The world is still very much like ours (coffee – with blood of course – in the morning, waiting for the subway, etc) only, humans are being hunted for their blood by the Vampire Military and people are being used as a food source (hooked up to machines, barely alive, being drained for their blood which is sold), and life is usually lived during the night time hours.

We meet Edward (A scruffy looking Ethan Hawke), a hematologist who works for Charles Bromley (a wonderfully evil Sam Neill), the head of the Bromley Corporation.  Charles is a Vamp, whom from I determined runs the entire ‘blood’ show.  A man who loves being a vampire (as it saved him from suffering cancer in is human life) and has no desire to ever go back to his human life (the only human side you really see of him is when it comes to his human daughter who refused to turn).

Edward is trying desperately to find a blood substitute as blood is running out and the vampires, when hungry, are turning into these gruesome creatures (they look like large, human size bats, and they are vicious!) that will kill anything (anything!) to survive.  There is only about a month supply of blood left, and people are turning, quickly!  There is also the little matter of the extinction of the human race!

Edward is quite sympathetic to the humans and dislikes his vampire life, having being deceived when he was turned.  He refuses to drink human blood and chooses to instead drink animal (as noted by his brother, Frankie, played by Michael Dorman).  One night Edward comes across a group of humans, saving their lives after a car accident and becomes thrust into a world of the underground human ‘rebels’, lead by Audrey (Claudia Karvan) and Elvis (William Dafoe) who are trying desperately to stay alive.  Elvis and Audrey have seemingly found a ‘cure’ for vampires, which will turn them back into their human form.  Getting this information across to the vampires though in a timely fashion proves to be a bit more difficult.

This is by far the most enjoyable vampire flick I have seen in a while.  It’s a throwback to the old vampire flicks we grew up with (such as ‘Near Dark and John Carpenters’ ‘Vampires’).  If you are faint of heart and do not like bloody, gory movies, maybe take a pass, as this movie is short on neither (and it was great!!  Bodies exploding, vampires being ripped to shreds, decapitation, the works!!).  The vampire movie has been recharged thanks to the Spierig brothers!  I also smell a sequel coming our way and hopefully soon as this is a franchise I could definitely get behind!