Jake Sully(Sam Worthington) is wheel chair and a ex marine in Avatar. Avatar’s are assigned to a person based on there genetic makeup. Well Jake’s brother was a scientist who was set to go up to Pandora but as faith would have it he was killed 1 week before deployment. So they turned to Jake and asked him to take his twin brother’s place seeing how they had same genetic makeup and he would match up perfectly with his brother’s Avatar. So Jake agreed and with no training he was off to Pandora light years away to join the science project.

  Jake was asked to spy on the native NA’VI of Pandora by Corpal Lyle(Matt Gerald) to gain there trust so he would know how to get them to cooperate or force them out of there by force if necessary to get to the resources the planet of Pandora held. Jake’s first recon trip he went up with Grace(Sigourney Weaver) and Norm(Joel Moore) where he ends up finding himself stranded on Pandora after running from a native creature. While he is exploring the land he is saved from another creature attack by a native named Neytiri(Joel Saldana) who just happens be the NA’VI chiefs daughter. Who takes him to meet her people after a sign.

   Jake is not welcome by the natives but the Chief decides to allow his daughter to train him in there ways. While training Jake passes on critical information about the NA’VI to corpal Lyle. As Grace finds out Jake is doing this she moves there camp away from corpal Lyle’s base. She don’t want to pull plug on Jake as he is first outsider allowed into NA’VI by the natives. She also wants Jake to keep learning natives way and find a way to preserve the peace without a war.

   After all the training Jake becomes one of the NA’VI by passing all the test to become one of there warriors. Now as a member of NA’VI he gets to choose a mate and he choose the chief’s daughter who is also in love with him. As Jake gives the NA’VI the message that the sky people aka humans are coming to destroy there home the NA’VI feel betrayed and tie Jake and Grace up and prepare for battle. At the end of the battle the chief has fallen and his last request to his daughter his to take his bow and protect there people. Chief’s wife free’s Jake and Grace but shortly there after the Corpal pulls the plug on there avatar’s. With war between the sky people and NA’VI looming how will this one turn out.

   I can’t say enough about this movie I found it very entertaining, predictable at some points but full of excitement. One can only hope there ends up being a sequel to this movie as this could be start of a great franchise of movies. I give this movie a 8.5 out of 10 only reason its not a 9 or 10 is it’s predictable in some areas. Movie you would want to consider adding to your collection when it hits DVD or blu ray.