Due Date  (95 min)

The movie has its moments but for the most part it is just an hour and a half of stupid antics that no one would be stupid enough to do. Galifinalkis’ character is the ring leader of these idiotic antics and I really don’t thing that someone could ever be as dumb as this guy. He has a run in with our other character played by Robert Downey Jr. on an air plane and they both get kicked off of it. Downey’s character has a child on the way and needs to get to his wife ASAP. Him and Galifinalkis’ character ride with each other on an epic road trip to say the least. This is where the true insanity and chaos exist in the movie. I mean it is just simply idiotic events happening to idiotic people. Downey’s character is not really that dumb so to say, but he is surrounded by the biggest idiot of them all and is caught in the middle of his shenanigans and crazy series of unfortunate and stupid events are the end result. Downey does not do anything special with trying to show his comedic side, he is just basically acting like he has got an anger problem and no patience the whole entire time. The two clashing because of their very, very different personalities is quite entertaining, but besides that the movie really is just idiotic and too bad to be true. “Due Date” is rated R for language, drug use and sexual content.