We once again join Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in what is to be the final installment in the rush hour series. Now to begin with I am a fan of the first movie and I kind of liked the second one. With this third one Brett Ratner is back in the director’s seat and he gives us basically the exact same jokes again. There is a difference from the other two movies, while the last two played host to each character’s home country we now go to Paris.

The movie is filled with more American and French jokes obviously and plays out the same way the other two did. Jackie Chan as usual does his flying stunts and is pretty creative and Chris Tucker will never shut up. In the series Christ Tucker went from funny and entertaining, to loud and obnoxious, to just plain loud.

If this movie had many traces of originality I must have missed them because it seemed as if the writers had no idea what to do anymore so basically here is what came out of their ideas. Consul Han, now an ambassador, come back as does Soo Yung, his daughter. For those who don’t remember they were in the first Rush Hour. This movie once again ends up with Soo Yung being kidnapped and needs to be rescued.

Then the movie throws us a twist, Han was shot by a man who turns out to be the brother of Jackie Chan, so he lets him go. The whole movie is basically about Carter and Lee getting their friendship back together because of a mishap that happened after the incident in the second movie.

The climax fight in this movie is strange and different from the others in many ways. For once Lee is fighting one guy alone and Carter is fighting several, not only that he’s winning. He was now a black belt apparently. What is surprising and sometimes annoying is the fact that Lee has several chances to end it and kill the bad guy but he always ends up trying to save him. Each time it gets more beyond belief to the point where you hope Lee dies because of his stupidity.

Rush Hour 3 is filled with the same gags, the same joke, and the same story. It is in itself a bad movie however I can’t say that I was really bored. This movie does have it’s few moments of laughter and enjoyment, but there are just so few of those. As a fan of the series I am disappointed at this third installment and I give Rush Hour 3 a 2.5/5.