This is a film that I would categorize as a psychological horror movie with some extremely well performances from John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. Most of the movie’s setting takes place in the notoriously haunted Dolphin Hotel.

John Cusack plays a writer (Mike Enslin) known for solving the paranormal. Unconvinced that any place that he visits is haunted, he decides to check into the Dolphin Hotel ,known for numerous murders that occurred in the room 1408. After a very intriguing discussion with the hotel’s manager, (Samuel L. Jackson) he still decides to investigate room 1408. Not long after checking in, Mike Enslin encounters many disturbing events that lead him to believe that the room is haunted. He soon learns that checking out of 1408 is much more difficult than checking in.

 Very effective lead performance from John Cusack makes the movie convincing. I would have liked to see more of Samuel L. Jackson, but his absence through the rest of the movie gives John Cusack a chance to shine, as he did. Great acting keeps the movie moving along at a brisk pace. A breakthrough performance from veteran actor John Cusack.

The creepy atmosphere of the room gives the movie an authentic effect. The setting was done so well that you actually feel like the events that are occurring are real. The design of the hotel was so elegant that it seems like any ordinary hotel, giving the viewer a realistic perspective of the movie. Great set design and creepy atmosphere.

Without exposing too much gore and maintaining a deserved PG-13 rating, this is a horror movie that is actually horrifying in a believable way. It’s flaws are overlooked thanks to a spectacular performance from a very underrated actor. Not the best Stephen King adaption but certainly is close. 1408 displays the way the horror genre was meant to be. I would recommend this movie to those looking for less brutality and more scares.