Bedtime Stories, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 99 min. – Directed by: Adam Shankman – Starring: Adam Sandler, Keri Russell, Russell Brand, Guy Pearce)

Bedtime Stories is a fantasy filled comedy starring Adam Sandler. A triumphant return to the “Adam Sandler”-like comedies we all fell in love with, sort of.

When Skeeter’s father sells off the family hotel he’s promised that one day his son will be able to run it. Unfortunately it seems that that day may never come. And so young Skeeter becomes grown Skeeter and even though he knows everything about the hotel he is stuck in the position of maintenance man. But, when his sister needs his help babysitting Skeeter’s life begins to change for the crazier.

Trying to entertain his young nephew and niece, he begins to tell them bedtime stories. The crazy part is that the more elaborate stories begin to come true the next day. Skeeter, figuring this out, decides to try and manipulate it for his own good. But it does work that way! And that’s where it gets funny!

Will Skeeter ever get to run the hotel or will he be stuck just repairing one?

Adam Sandler was great and goofy. Finally, back in a role where he’s funny again! But, I think my favorite character in the movie was Russell Brand. This guy has got something cool and hysterical all at the same time about him. His only real competition in Bedtime Stories is the giant eyed gerbil!

Pick this one up! If your watching with kids or not you’ll get plenty of laughs and plenty of fun out of this one. Bedtime Stories is a definite recommend to anyone looking to re-tap into that good ol’ Sandler fun.