Training Day, a Mr. E Top Pick Movie Review

(Run time: 122 min. – Directed by: Antoine Fuqua – Starring: Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke)

If your starving for a really entertaining, good cop vs. bad cop, twist of a movie then check out 2001’s Training Day.

When rookie cop Jake Hoyt, played by Ethan Hawke, meets senior detective Alonzo Harris, played by Denzel Washington, he thinks he’s been given a shot to advance his career. But, instead of getting down to the dirty and knocking out some bad guys Officer Hoyt is shown the dark and dirty side of a being a crooked LA Detective.

From drugs and cons to bribes and murder Hoyt is bombarded with temptations like he’s never seen on his side of the law. Will he play the game? Will he back up his fellow officers? Or, will he do what is right?

Ethan Hawke is great and very original in his portrayal of this unwavering honest cop. If you watch him throughout the film you see how committed he is to this role. Very believable.

Critically acclaimed for his role, Denzel Washington deserved every bit of praise for his skills as the ultimate crooked cop. He hits this role on the head so hard he can’t help but to knock it out!

Training Day has made it into the official Mr. E Top Pick section for a reason. It’s a fast-paced, star-studded, and bad ass from beginning to end! You can’t go wrong with this one and I guarantee it!