As a young guy I was excited about watching “I love you, Beth Cooper” from the first minute I saw who was playing the title role. My excitement quickly disappeared minutes into the film.  The main protagonist in the film, Dennis Cooverman, played by Paul Rust is the most awkward character I might have ever seen.  Heavy breathing, awful lines, and Spiderman undies are just the tip of this iceberg.  Or would this movie be the Titanic? Either way, it’s bad.  The amount of eye candy in this film is what saves it.  As the cliche highschool cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere is as cute as ever. Her entourage of friends aren’t to shabby either.  These include the black girl who says nothing intelligent the entire movie but you find out is in love with Shakespeare and going to NYU.  And then there’s the the dumb blonde, a la Amanda Seifreid in mean girls.  Overall very mediocre movie.  Would I watch it again? Sure. The reason, you ask? Hayden Panettiere. Hands down.