Edward and Bella are back for the fourth Twilight film, Breaking Dawn Part 1. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner bring their talents or lack there of back for the buildup film leading into Part 2, and the end of this film franchise. The film is directed by Bill Condon, who has brought us films like Chicago and Dreamgirls.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 takes us through the events of Bella and Edward’s wedding, the reception, the honeymoon, and the consequences of certain decisions that Edward and Bella made. It is these consequences that finally gets the film going a little bit and seemingly finally making progress towards what Part 2 is going to be about. You definitely get the feeling from the outset that this film is strictly a build up film into the grand finale next year. There were a lot of scenes that were boring and seemed to just drag on. There was also a lot of humor going on in the film that I don’t think was intended but the Twilight diehards surely loved it.

The three reasons I even remotely enjoy these films, Bella’s dad, Alice, and Jasper received very little screen time throughout the film. Alice received the most through the planning of the wedding and the wedding but then she kind of fades into the background. Another thing I noticed was Jasper and Alice are the only two normal looking vampires, all of the others are overly pale and look terrible. The actors that play Carlisle and Emmett Cullen, Peter Facinelli and Kellen Lutz, appear to have put on some weight as well and Carlisle really looked bad in the film.

One of the main issues I have had with the entire Twilight Saga has been the acting or lack of acting and it continues in this one as well. Kristen Stewart is the most common one you hear about in this department. I tried giving her the benefit of the doubt and thought well maybe this is the Bella character, maybe Stewart is just acting the role she was given. But after seeing her in other films that is not the case because the same problems follow Stewart in those films as well. The thing that bothers me the most with her is that her facial expression never changes, whether she is happy, sad, mad, or even dead(which is the case in this film), her expression is the same. Another issue is how she always sounds monotone, even when she is trying to sound happy or excited it sounds forced. I’ll move on from Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen, is one of the actors in the film that I think does have some true talent. I thought he was good in the one Harry Potter film that he was in and I thought he was great in Water For Elephants. I think the biggest issue for him is this Edward role. The role of Edward in itself just seems kind of creepy, stalker like, and just plain weird and it doesn’t suit Pattinson at all in my opinion. I will say that he did a lot better in this film though as he wasn’t near as creepy as he has been in past films. All I can get out of Taylor Lautner at this point is that his voice doesn’t match the person. I see him and think his voice should be different than what it is and at this point in the film series I feel like he is just there to take his shirt off for the Twilight nerds.

I know the film isn’t filled with a ton of CGI, but when it is used it isn’t done very well. The terrible use of CGI for the werewolves becomes very evident, during the last fight between the vampires and the werewolves it just looks like a big old mess. You can’t really tell what is going on at all during the entire scene until Jacob enters, as the newly imprinted Jacob, and stops the fight before it truly begins. Even the CGI baby at the end of the film looked really bad, I think a lot of that had to do with the lighting they chose to use for the scene but it’s something that should have been corrected. If you are going to use CGI in your film and the other films have made so much money that shouldn’t be an issue, at least do the CGI right. The fight scene could have been great and it would have changed my view of the film a little bit if it hadn’t been such a jumbled up mess, it was like Transformers all over again for me.

I went into the film with an open mind even letting go of my opinion of the past Twilight films and my knowledge of werewolves and vampires and watched this film as just another film, I gave it the full chance that it deserved and as expected it delivered nothing. The film is definitely for the Twilight diehards but I think even if they looked deeper into the film they would see a lot of problems with it. The entire film just seemed like nothing but a build up into Part 2 and I would have liked to have seen them make this it’s own movie while also having the build up. Much of the movie just seemed to drag on and I felt bored and at times even irritated. A lot of the dialogue was eye rolling and the jokes weren’t funny to me even though most of the theater laughed, which told me they were these “Twi-hards.” When it’s all said and done the Twilight fans are going to be happy and the film is going to make a ton of money, Stephanie Meyer and the rest of the people who worked on this film will be laughing their way to the bank for sure. But the amount of money you make doesn’t make the film good and this one just like the other three is not that great as a film. If you are a avid Twilight fan it is most definitely for you and chances are you have already watched it anyways. If you aren’t a fan then you may or may not have seen it and may not plan on seeing it, but I’m one of those people that believes if you haven’t seen the film then you can’t talk trash about it. Hence why I do watch these films. So Twilight films enjoy your films and I’ll hope that with all this money Relativity Media is making off these films they will go make a good movie after the Twilight series is done and gone.