This is a movie that has bursts of really funny scenes, solid actors all around, a wandering plot and a weak ending.  The premise of a psychic soldier taking a reporter to Iraq for a secret mission is a genius set up for a satire and the trailer looked as if it could be one of the funniest and most bizarre movies of the year.  Sadly, it isn’t.  The movie isn’t a waste of time though.  The actors are all praise worthy.  George Clooney has always had a knack for this kind of surrealist and dead-pan comedy and he’s just as funny as he’s ever been.  Ewan McGregor has some surprisingly good comedic timing as the straight man in this whole fiasco.  Another notable actor is Jeff Bridges doing a redux of his performance as The Dude if The Dude was in the military.  The satire in this movie is quite sharp and on-target especially the concept of soldiers being trained to be psychic peace warriors using New Age fundamentals.  However, the story is a little thin and the segments of the movie only dedicated to furthering the story are not all that interesting.  The movie also suffers from having a set-up so bizarre and interesting that it really doesn’t know how to end and instead just kinda sputters out.  Overall, it has a great premise and there are some laugh-out-loud comedic set pieces but it has some stretches of boredom and a lackluster ending.  Also, there is a scene with a man walking onto a military base and firing a gun that played really badly with the crowd since the Fort Hood incident.  Not the filmmakers fault but unfortunately it still looms over that scene.