Well, before going much further, I would like to keep a note that this is an animation movie and it is made for just children. Well , may be the elder ones shall give a try for its freshness in the script. But the children can go mad by watching it. Megamind , title completely justifies the concept in the movie. It represents the talent of one main character called himself as megamind. Reasons are many and we find that , he is mainly intelligent in technical stardom and some different histrionics.

The concept is fresh. Its about two aliens crashing to the surface of earth. One is megamind ( voiced by Will Ferrel) and the other looks like a human kid, grows up to become Metroman ( voiced by Brad Pitt). They both are arc rivals , right from beginning and megamind hatches a plot to finish metroman. Unfortunately it turns out true and megamind starts ruling the city and becoming now the super villain. But for how long? Here is some freshness in script. He designs a super hero, taking DNA from metroman body. So that he can be still a real villain and metro city will have now a super hero. Things change, as megamind falls in love for the reporter Roxanne ( voiced by Tina fey ). Now the newly transformed hero unleashes his evilness and starts making havoc. Meanwhile roxanne finds that megamind is fooling her and she ends her relationship there. Now megamind will pay the price for the mistake he commited.

Story telling , is in form of narration. The first shot we see megamind falling down from sky as he starts speaking about destiny. Then the story moves on. But after certain period we see that the narrative has ended, and movie begins to flow in a predictable fashion.

Plot development , is mediocre in the movie. The movie started fantastically and went almost flawless, till a point. Then probably director of the movie in over enthusiasm, making a new colored apple from regular tones, probably was dragged by the same old gravity. Hence the apple does fall after a while. Even though he tries to make the story fly some time, sooner it falls down and finally the result is mediocre.

Characters, in any movies would be of, three kinds. The primary characters are three in number. Megamind , metroman and roxanne. Unfortunately , the transformed hero is now more like a secondary character and he has no justice in the movie. Some cool secondary characters are there in the movie. For example: Minion ( voiced by David Cross ) , a robotic enveloped fish, trying to show its best in the movie. A greatly covered secondary character. Background characters in the movie are few. We have crowd gazing, megamind, we see metro city crowd shrieking at the sight of metroman, and we have some jailers and warden, who finds megamind out of the prison. Well , background characters, did give the best to create awe and surprising instances for the movie.

Animation, in the movie is top notch. We see the main character megamind throughout the movie , winning the hearts of audience , through his actions, body language and also some evil-filled and comic filled dialogs. Thanks to Will ferrel, for this. We have metroman, saying “all right , put your hands in the air”, Now we have a hero in the movie. Brad Pitt did give his best. But probably not the best of the voices. Tina fey did give a subtle voice for Roxanne’s character and her voice did suit her actions. The biggest disappointment is the character of Titan ( voiced by Jonah Hill ). He no longer looked like a evil guy. He just spits fire out of eyes and everything burns. Very badly etched character and not so great animation work there. Rest all were fine enough.

Presentation in the movie is rich with great camera work and awesome cinematography capturing the beauty of CGI- designed metro city. The action scenes were fine enough, but required some real time effects to look a bit adult type. Any ways , job done.

Post production work like sound mixing and editing, did had a god job here. But I felt that editing should have been better to cut some crappy scenes and trim the movie to perfection. Sound work was great , giving real time ambience and intense musical pleasure and drum beats during the songs and action scenes. Emotional tone was lacking the grip. I expected a higher pitch , during certain scenes.

On the whole, megamind has cool animation, novel attempt to take a concept, and also some astonishing and rhythmic dialogues to fill 90 minutes of pure children satisfaction. I give the movie B