Paranormal Activity Review

What is this thing doing in my movie theater? What is it even doing playing in any movie theater.

I’m sorry, but the plot of this movie was almost non-existent. A couple tries to find different methods of combating an evil demon. The ending was pathetic when compared to other greats that have graced the theater screen. The movie idea itself of using the camcorder style view all the way throughout was reminiscent of some History or Discovery channel documentary on ghosts and the paranormal.

The newbie director, Oren Peli, certainly has now made a name for himself, getting even directing legend Steven Speilberg to see the movie. The acting was decedent, as Katie (played by Katie Featherston) and Micah (played by Micah Sloat) actually made their affection and relationship believable, but thats about it. They had to carry pretty much the entire movie on their own because they don’t leave the house during the film for the most part, the effects are slim to non, and their antagonist is “invisible.” Even then Katie incessantly nagging Micah about leaving the demon alone became irritating. Her boyfriend was trying all he could to stop this thing, and all she could say to him was to stop and leave it alone? Unless she was possessed the whole time, there is no way that makes any sense from Katie’s self-preservation point of view.

Surprisingly the good parts of this movie come in places you would not expect. Micah actually is pretty funny when he tries to irritate the demon, or when he’s replying to Katie. I laughed out loud… but I was watching a movie that claimed to be one of the scariest of all time. Paranormal Activity also tried some allusions to “legion” the demon from the Bible for example, and showed some foreshadowing when the psychic told them not to fight, yet they would anyways. This does not however substantiate for the lack of story. Something doesn’t seem right in this picture.

I have seen very many scary movies, and the most impacting movies are the psychologically scary ones. This one claims to be one of the the most psychologically horrifying films, and so many people leave the theater saying the same thing. But there is a small number of people who leave the theatre saying and thinking, “what the hell was that,” and I’m getting the impression even the people who say on the outside its the “scariest thing ever” are thinking on the inside that it wasn’t all it was hyped up to be.

The trailer and ads make it seem like some revolutionary new breed of psychological horror that will change the way you sleep at night, when in reality it’s got the look, feel, and effect of some wannabe student film. The scariest scene is one where the couple is watching a video of an exorcism on the internet, other than that it’s just a slamming of the door, a lifting of the sheets, and okay she gets pulled down a hallway, but you don’t even see what is pulling her, (which makes sense, but doesn’t “make scary”). The fact that the movie was filmed on a budget of $11,000.00 shows as there are no effects, and all of these “scary scenes” are so easily reproduced by thin wires, etc. that the movie loses its scariness expectancy, in my opinion.

I’m warning anyone interested in being scared, not to see this movie and waste their time and money, (not to mention be disappointed at the lack of movie quality). Go rent “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” and be psychologically scared…and subsequently tormented as you get nightmares. Otherwise, this movie only made its money on hype, and should be avoided at all costs.