I believe that movies should be made from books more often. My favorite book is Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane, and I thank god that none other than Martin Scorcese is making this movie, but in another prespective, I liked the book I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, and the movie was a complete waste of time. Saying this, I believe that these are movies that need to be adapted from books and made into movies, along with the director in which they should be made by. SIDENOTE: if you haven’t read any of these books, check them out!!!

1. Omega Minor by Paul Verhaeghen – Director: Tony Kaye (American History X)

2. The Stranger by Albert Camus – Director: Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror, Desperado)

3. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley – Director: Duncan Jones (Moon)

4. 1984 by George Orwell (which shall be renamed to fit the time period) – Director: Sam Raimi

5. Three Soldiers by John dos Pasos – Director: Steven Spielberg

6. Pride, Prejudice & Zombies by Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith – Director: John Favreau

7. Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare – Director: Kenneth Branagh

8. Black Mass by Dick Lehr & Gerard O’Neill – Director: Martin Scorcese