Paranormal Activity was a little known movie that had early viewings at places such as Los Angeles, California and Boston, Massachusettes with people coming out of the theaters trembling. The movie is indeed as scary as it seems. Don’t let the R rating fool you. The movie has fowl language in it a couple of times, but no violent acts are established in it. It is scary from the purely perfect effects used, such as wind movement into the cover of a bed, or a pillow randomly being flung at the camera.

Viewing Oren Peli’s feature film at the Regal Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia, the tagline “Don’t See It Alone” truly affected the audience. The theater shook with yelps and screams, including the comencing of crying from certain people. I sat pressed up against my seat at every twist and turn, and was exasperated at the final moment.

This movie brings beauty into the eyes of horror-hopefuls for Halloween’s nearing tide. The movie is quite interesting, and gives a grand spectical for future movies to show that there is more to terror than blood and gore.