D9 is a sci-fi movie placed in present time (2010) with completely different approach towards alien subject. Its filming has been done in different styles which keep on changing with nature of script like documentary, closed circuit cameras, action, etc.

It talks about human nature (greed, hunger for power, insecurity, rebellion, etc) in much broader way. All those things shown in movie are in our present world in one way or the other.

The big name associated with this is Peter Jackson and I believe he made sure that all things are the way they should be. Direction by Neil Blomkamp is very impressive and portrayed his ability to work in different styles.

One fascinating thing about this movie was made from 30 million Dollars which is far less then few other releases this year with not so impressive material. Now movies like this keeps my hopes up that, “Yes! There are few more people in industry who are willing to experiment with new things and bringing out great stuff”

I don’t recall seeing cast of this movie in any big project so it wasn’t a popularity magnet but their performance is brilliant, they were best suited for respective roles. Sharlto Copley (Wikus- lead role) has given a wonderful performance. Also characterization of the aliens in this movie has great appeal and it’s been a great selling point.

D9 is largely about what happens to/around Wikus in 3days from the time of infection, with something before it and then very little after that.

I like the whole movie but I expected more from end. Probably, makers thought if it is hit then we would make a sequel so to pick story from somewhere they ended it so abruptly.

I really liked this movie, a complete “Paisa Vasool” (Hindi phrase meaning money very well spent).I liked it so much that it has to be in my top 5 of 2009.
This one is definitely recommended. Go watch it, buy/rent (legal please).

Its HOT, you’ll like it…….

My Rating is 8.2 on following scale:

Concept/Story             9

Direction/Production  8

Screenplay                   8

Casting                         7.5

Sfx/Vfx                        9

Xfactor/Demand         8

Advertising                 8


Plot (may contain spoilers):

About 20 years ago, a space ship came on earth and started hovering over Johannesburg (South Africa) and hovering there since then. When humans went up in ship to check what happening then they found aliens in very disturbing state like they had nothing to survive; suffering from mal nutrition, no control body or any kind of social functioning.

A organization MNU (Multi National United) decides that prawns (as aliens look like prawns) should e moved from District 9 to District 10 which is situated 200 miles away from Johannesburg due to security/peace reason as conflict between humans and prawns were unbearable now.

For this task, MNU forms a small team which would e headed y Wikus (lead role) to get the migration eviction signed from residents of D9. And prawns don’t want it as would like to e where they are right now which in turns makes the tasks very difficult.

Now, while getting eviction signed Wikus comes in contact with alien fuel cell which contains some kind of nanotechnology intelligent iofuel. That was prepared y Christopher (prawn, second lead role) over time of 20 years and was planning to use it to start command module of space ship so that he can take his child and fellow beings back home.

Due to that fluid Wikus starts transforming into prawn, which is trigging for MNU as they were trying from last 2 decades to modify alien technology so that humans could use it as alien technology is genetic based so only could use it.

This leads to a hunt down for Wikus between MNU and local rebellions group. Also how two beings of different kind who were not fond of each other developed mutual friendship.