Director: Tommy O’ Haver

This movie is based on a true story about a girl named Siliva Likens, (played by Ellen Page)who was tortured to death by a family she stayed with while her parents were in the carnvial.

I hope this movie shows parents that they shouldnt leave their kids with a compelte stranger, so what she she has a house full of kids just dont do it.

So this movie takes place in the 1960’s in Indiana, In the beginning you see Siliva happy her and her sister Jenny playen on the carosuel.The two girls move state to state with their parents because the parents work in the carnvial. The girls attend church which seems to be like every sunday….. So they are on a bus i guess going home and the girls are greeted by these kidsand they seems nice so they ask the girls to come back to there house to play. Since the girls are always on the road they dont really have time to make friends so this was refreshing.

 So as the movie goes on the parents have to leave again but the girls dont want to so they ask if they can stay with the family, the parents agree to pay the mother of the house.


 the mother is played by Catherine Keener(40 year old virgin) her name is Getrude Baniszewski, her oldest daughter name is Paula and she is quickly friendly ith Siliva. Siliva is a nice girl who doesnt get into trouble at all basically a saint . Paula is mauliptive and sneaky. She is dating a married man who she workl with .

 Soon later you find out she is pregnant and while in a argument with her boyfriend he looks as if he about to rape her and Siliva goes to check on Paula and she accidently tells him she’s pregnant. Idont think Paula was going to tell him. A boy named Ricky is there too he is creepy and follows Siliva and he overears her saying Paula is pregnant.Rumors go around in school and Paula is called a Slut and other hurtful things. Paula claims is Siliva who made up the Rumors which she know is not true.

 So the Getrude is furious because she will do anything to protect her kids. This is where the abuse starts she tells Paula to punish Siliva by beating her up.The parents pay Getrude to watch Siliva and Jenny(she has poilio by the way) but she needs more money so when the parents are late on their pays Siliva and Jenny get beat.

 Cruel as the story goes on Siliva takes upon gruesome torture, she is burned with cigarettes, and is tied down in the basement ,Getrude tells her kids she needs to be punished even thought they know Siliva did nothing wrong. Throughtout the movie you see the family in court because as you learn Siliva dies.

 She was being straved , not able to wash up and just brusied up. The carved im a prositute and im proud on her stomach. The kids did whatever the mother told them too and she was willing to scarfice anyone to protect her kids (Siliva) and she was willing to scarfice her children to save herself.

The real Gertrude had a life in prision for 1st degress murder and her children and kids on the block also served time in the of Siliva Likens. She Died of cancer in 2004