It is an adaptation from short stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald and has been portrayed beautifully by David Fincher.

Now this story kept revolving from here and there in Hollywood for long time but due one hurdle or the other, then someone took it and did a marvelous job.

This movie is about a boy (Benjamin Button) born in unusual circumstances, he is born old and with time grows younger till the stage we all start from.

Now throughout the movie there is narration/commentary by Brad Pitt which comprises of very wonderful dialogues. It is not a complete gloomy/ serious/ dark movie and has variety of characters which makes this movie full of life.

Talking about production, the budget and planning is great. Direction, it’s just simply brilliant. And David Fincher has got best out of everything.

Cast for this movie is also impressive and everyone justified their part.

Music/Sound for this movie are also very good.

Visual Effects are awesome…….

For this movie VFX studio “Digital Domain” took two years of research and development. Thus in first hours of the movie they used complete CG head for Benjamin Button and results are stunning and all is left to say is Wow……

Though the movie is in my most favorite list but still at some point of time the progression of story simply gives you feel of some kind of a miracle and you wonder “Could it be possible”. And I don’t know that’s bad thing or good, but keeps the movie going.

Also one thing that really bothered me was why Producers didn’t promote this movie very well there are few others not so good movies are promoted so much. Could be the reason why there wasn’t huge variety in audience.

I would like to appreciate Warner and Paramount that they signed this deal.

Also vision of Mr. Fincher took this movie to place where it belongs to.

A must watch movie and even a collectible one.

My rating is 8.1 on the following scale:

  •  Concept/ Story                   8.5
  •  Production/Direction         8.5
  •  Screenplay                            9
  •  Cast                                        8
  •  Vfx/ Sfx                                  8
  •  Advertising                            6.5
  •  X factor                                  8

Note: Check my profile page to know how I use the scale.

Also stars are just the round off rating on scale and then dividing to half to fit 5star.